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■lion."This i■s actually ●a fast gro■wth figure co■nsidering others ar●e in sharp decline,"● said Duncan■ Clark, chairman● of BDA China, a l〓eading cons


u●lting and market re■search firm that f○ocuses on the teleco●m, media and te●chnology sectors.○Huawei's operat◆ing profit m■argin increased◆ by 3 percenta〓ge points to 13 〓percent, the compa◆ny yesterday sa〓id in its ann〓ual report.Rela■ted stories:SHENZHEN○, Feb. 18 (X●inhua) -- ●Telecom

network equi〓pment giant Huawei T〓echnologie〓s and U.S. security● softw

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are maker Syma○ntec Corp. ●have launched a○ joint venture〓 in southwest Chin●a.The new company■, Huawei-Sy◆mantec Inc., 〓based in Che◆ngdu in the ○southwe


stern S〓ichuan Province, is● 51 percent o●wned by Huawei and● 49 percent by S◆ymantec. It featur◆es services in stor◆age and Internet sa○fety.Huawei ●will provide techn〓ical support◆ and a 750-me○mber engineering○ team, while Syma●ntec will ●offer software permi◆ssion in storage● and Interne●t safety, as well ◆as 150 million U.S. 〓dollars in invest■ment.The deal re■ceived the green lig●ht from the ●European Commission◆, the anti-◆trust watchdog of● European Union〓, late las◆t year under a simpl〓ified review 〓procedure.The ne◆w firm aims● to enable Hua◆wei to compete with ◆technology giants● such as Hewlett-P〓ack

ard and IBM. It w◆ill also prov●ide a fresh boo〓st for Symantec●'s security and dat○a managemen●t business.The● global mar〓ket for th●e storage and Inter〓net safety● industry was est●imated at ◆23 billion U.S.■ dollars, wi○th the Chines〓e market accou◆nting for 1.1 bill●ion U.S. dollars.Chi◆na's telecom■ network equipment g●iant Huawei T◆echnologies an●d US security● software m●aker Syman○tec have laun○ched a joint ventur■e in southwes〓t China.The○ new company, named○ Huawei-Symantec, 〓is based in Chengdu 〓in southwest◆ern Sichuan P●

rovince. Huawei owns■ 51 percen■t of the joint● venture, while Syma○ntec

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holds the remai◆ning 49 perc■ent.Related Video:Ch◆ina's telecom ne●twork equi■pment giant Hua〓wei Technol○ogies and US s◆ecurity softwa●re maker Symante◆c have launche〓d a joint vent●ure in southwest Ch◆ina.The new compan●y, named H●uawei-Symantec, is b●ased in Chen●gdu in south○western Sichuan Pro◆vince. Huawe◆i

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owns 51 percent o●f the joint v●enture, while S■ymantec holds t◆he remaining 49 ■percent.Re〓lated Video:A ◆touch of fut〓ure with cutting-〓edge Chines○e technolog●ies at Mobi○le World CongressA■ touch of futu◆re with cutti●ng-edge Ch●inese technologi■es at Mobile● World Congres○sA touch of futu〓re with cutti

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